Consulting Services. Globally.


  • We conduct both abridged and comprehensive site audits and reviews, as well as provide troubleshooting services around the world
  • We assist with troubleshooting of metallurgical failures (and if & when necessary, we can refer customers to qualified metallurgical labs)
  • We offer a competitive service of Monthly Review of Water Treatment Vendor chemical treatment reports and KPIs (this is on a contractual retention basis)
  • Many types of consulting/troubleshooting work can be done via video conferencing

At iwtA, we have extensive experience in thermal power and co-generation plants as well as in the petrochemical, chemical process, pulp & paper and other industries. We have conducted many site-specific cycle/boiler, cooling and reverse osmosis chemistry reviews and audits.

We utilize proven and detailed methodologies to clearly identify key areas at risk in most types of plant (steam, cooling, membrane-based technologies, etc.); we then provide practical and detailed recommendations intended to lower the risk.

We offer internationally recognized expertise for troubleshooting and investigations of chemical treatment-related issues for:

  • Heat recovery steam generators
  • Conventional subcritical power industry boilers
  • Industrial plant boilers (incl. waste-heat, transfer line exchangers, water-tube, fire-tube)
  • Steam turbines
  • Water treatment plant
  • Cooling water systems
  • Membrane-based systems (RO, NF, UF, MF, EDI)

We can provide expertise in the following areas as well as on-site support as needed:


  • Assistance with the development of common sense, plant-specific bid specifications for chemical treatment programs (boiler, cooling, RO, etc.) so that vendor bids can be assessed on the same basis (this is a very neglected facet at many companies)
  • Design reviews of water treatment plant equipment and chemical treatment programs
  • Reviews of AE and EPC schematics and P&IDs for instrumentation, sampling, chemical feed systems
  • Assessment of current and past cycle chemistry regimes
  • Assistance with the interpretation and site application of international industry guidelines
  • Recommendations for water/steam chemistry and purity requirements for all types of steam plant
  • Layup procedures and guidelines for all types of water/steam touched equipment
  • Main and auxiliary cooling water requirements (open recirculating, once-through and closed systems)
  • Startup cleaning procedures
  • Complete technical support for proposal development
  • Plant Commissioning and Startup Services
  • Monthly Review of Water Treatment Vendor chemical treatment reports and KPIs (this is on a contractual retention basis) – please contact us for more details.


Participate in an iwtA training program to learn how to extend the operating life and integrity of your boilers & cooling water systems

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