Water Treatment Expert Witness

We provide litigation support and Expert Witness testimony to law firms and insurance companies as Expert Witnesses in matters involving:

  • Claims resulting from component or system failures involving water chemistry and water treatment in steam plant (boilers) and cooling water systems
  • Piping or tubing failures due to corrosion (including flow accelerated corrosion/FAC) and other metallurgical factors
  • Improper water system startup and layover in steam (boiler) plants and cooling systems from new construction or renovation/upgrades
  • Legionnaire’s Disease 

We have experience in most kinds of boiler systems, cooling towers, water preparation plants (reverse osmosis, nanofiltration, etc.), once-through systems, process water, heat exchangers, and commercial and institutional potable water systems.  We investigate and can define the root cause(s) of failures, and have experience helping our clients develop solutions to avoid similar failures from recurring. We advise clients on industrial water treatment technologies while providing a range of consulting services related to water testing & analysis interpretation.



  • Technical consulting in chemical-based treatment of industrial water systems such as Boilers, Cooling systems, reverse osmosis, boiler feedwater preparation, etc.
  • Technical consulting in industrial water treatment technologies, systems and water market segments such as brackish water desalination, boiler feedwater preparation, boiler water and various industrial water unit operations.
  • Membrane technology system assessments for industrial water treatment.
  • Assessment of conceptual design and operation of industrial water treatment facilities.
  • Industrial water technologies, site evaluations, chemical product selection, facilities operating services.
  • Water reclamation and reuse technology, alternatives and strategy.
  • Market studies on the water treatment industry, products, segments and competitive players.
  • Comprehensive training and educational programs in most areas of industrial water treatment.
  • Pilot testing of various industrial water treatment technologies necessary for the design of complete treatment systems.

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