Water Treatment Training – Onsite


Whether you require a single course for a small group or extensive training for your entire team, consider On-Site Training at your chosen location. We deliver the training to your employees at your site or another location arranged by your organization.

Onsite Training is a training delivery format when our qualified Trainer(s) will come to your office or deliver training at a convenient location of your choice. It is a popular training option if a number of your employees have a common training objective and need to be trained in the same technology.

For further details, please contact us using our contact form  or via email to info@iwtacademy.com.

On-Site Courses offer you very significant savings and exceptional convenience with the same hands-on quality of instruction as delivered at our in-classroom courses. Everyone hears the same message, and course activities and examples focus on your organization’s equipment, operations and challenges.

Our courses can be delivered “off-the-shelf” (standard), slightly modified or completely tailored (bespoke) to meet any learning needs you may have.

Courses range from 1 or 2 days to a full week depending on your requirements. We also provide refresher and top-up courses on a 3, 6 or 12-month cycle, giving you confidence that competencies are maintained and your operational risks are minimized.

We can deliver convenient tailor-made operational training wherever you have offices, plant or facilities, drawn from decades of experience in industrial water and process technologies.

Do courses come with manuals?

All of our courses come with manuals.  Our customers find the participant manuals very helpful. If they need to review a topic after the training, they can turn to the appropriate section, and get the information they need very quickly. If they still have questions, they’re welcome to contact us directly – and we’ll do our best to get them pointed in the right direction.

What do customers need to provide?

Most of the time our customers reserve a meeting room with a projector and flip chart; and participants bring a note pad, pen and a handheld calculator to the training session. Lunch and refreshments are also provided by the customers to its staff members attending the course.

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