Water Treatment Training – Public Courses


Will resume soonest.

There is no better investment than training. Discover our practical, instructor-led classroom training programs.

We offer comprehensive single-day and multi-day in-classroom training programs across many cities in Canada and other countries around the world. These courses are regularly held at convenient hotel locations.

    State of the art

    Our courses are continually updated to incorporate industry best practices and new technologies. By taking a course with us, you can be confident that you are accessing an up-to-date curriculum that is taught by a passionate industry expert.

    Full spectrum

    Industrial water treatment unit operations (boiler, cooling, membrane separation, ion-exchange, filtration, etc.) affect nearly every industry, and thus our training programs are designed to thoroughly prepare participants for job task readiness and their professional careers.  Our target participants include engineers, scientists, technicians, plant managers, plant operators, as well as others new to the industry or with a need to know more about industrial water treatment.


    We offer both short courses that are subject matter-specific (e.g. Cycle Chemistry for the Power Industry) as well as broader scope courses such Membrane Separation Technologies or Fundamental Unit Operations of Industrial Water Technology.


    iwTA also offers on-site, customized training courses

    Upcoming Public Courses

    Temporarily suspended due to pandemic

    Layup Best Practices for Water & Steam Touched Equipment

    No Events

    Reverse Osmosis and Nanofiltration Plant Technology – Best Practices

    No Events

    Cycle Chemistry for Power Plants

    No Events

    Industrial Boiler Water Treatment - Low, Medium & High-pressure

    No Events

    Industrial Cooling Water – Chemical Treatment Technologies & Cooling Tower Aspects

    No Events

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