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  • Chemical Treatment Technologies for All Types of Boilers
  • Cooling Water Systems Chemical Treatment Technologies
  • Membrane Separation Technologies (Reverse Osmosis, Ultrafiltration, Electrodionization)
  • Industrial Water Chemistry / Industrial Water Treatment Technology Courses
  • Lime Softening, Ion-exchange, Filtration, and many others
  • Heat-transfer Courses (including Surface Condensers)


36+ years of experience

We give you and your staff the best training there is in

Industrial Water Treatment

Public courses

  • Courses offered regularly at convenient hotel locations throughout the world
  • Unique opportunity to obtain invaluable technical information directly from seasoned technical experts. Subject matter in these comprehensive training programs is given in an effective learning classroom environment (multi-day courses include workshop component)

Live Webinars

Join our training courses from virtually anywhere.

iwtA hosts regular technical webinars on topics related to many facets of industrial water treatment:

  • Boilers
  • Cooling water systems
  • Reverse osmosis
  • …and many other topics

On-site training

  • iwtA brings its quality training programs to your plant site
  • If more than a couple of your staff will benefit from the training, it is more cost effective to bring the trainer to your facility
    Training program customization possible

Consulting Services

​We provide consulting services in various fields of industrial water treatment technology.

  • Boilers, Cooling Water Systems, RO, IX, etc.
  • Audits
  • Onsite and remote troubleshooting
  • Best Practice Implementation
  • …and much more

The most proactive organizations are already working hard to invest in more comprehensive training programs. With decades of relevant experience across all industries, iwtA are uniquely qualified to transfer these technical skills and expertise to your staff and help make them the experts of tomorrow.

Our training, based on an optimized ratio of just-enough fundamental theory with many years of relevant and up-to-date practical experience, is offered globally in an in-class setting at either off-site hotel locations (Public courses), on-site at your company (On-site training), or online (Webinars).

iwtA is not an equipment or chemical manufacturer, and this means that we always offer unbiased advice.



Cut through the maze of water treatment double talk.
iwtA Tells It Like It Is.


Upcoming Online Courses & Webinars

Boiler Failure Analysis for Non-metallurgists

No Events

Cycle Chemistry for Power Plants

No Events

Optimization of Mechanical & Chemical Deaeration for Steam Plant

No Events

Essential Chemistry for Industrial Water Treatment Systems

No Events

Mitigating The Risk Of Flow-Accelerated Corrosion

No Events

Industrial Boiler Water Treatment – Low & Medium Pressure

No Events

Industrial Boiler Water Treatment – Low, Medium & High-pressure

No Events

Industrial Cooling Water Treatment

No Events

Layup (Storage) Best Practices for Steam-Water Touched Equipment

No Events

Microbiology of Industrial Cooling Water Systems – Best Practices

No Events

Reverse Osmosis and Nanofiltration Plant Technology – Best Practices

No Events

Understanding & Optimizing Steam Purity – Best Practices

No Events

Upcoming Public Courses

Temporarily suspended due to pandemic

Layup Best Practices for Water & Steam Touched Equipment

No Events

Reverse Osmosis and Nanofiltration Plant Technology – Best Practices

No Events

Cycle Chemistry for Power Plants

No Events

Industrial Boiler Water Treatment - Low, Medium & High-pressure

No Events

Industrial Cooling Water – Chemical Treatment Technologies & Cooling Tower Aspects

No Events

What our clients are saying about us

S. Xiao, Process Engineer, SUNCOR Energy

“Top notch presenter. Very good course.” (Boiler Water Treatment Technology Course)

L. van Doren, Irving Oil Refinery, Canada

“Very practical information included in course. Great!” (Cooling Tower Operations & Chemical Treatment Course)

J. Beztilny, INEOS Canada

“Very good, practical course. Luis was an excellent instructor, very, very knowledgeable in Boiler steam plant systems.” (Boiler Water Treatment Technology Course)

S. Craig, Shell Canada

“Great course. Very valuable to my job. Outstanding instruction, excellent use of real life examples.” (Cooling Tower Operations & Chemical Treatment Course)

A. Wise, Ravensdown Fertilizers, New Zealand

“Luis, Thank you for sharing all that knowledge. A bit scary what can go wrong. Very clear presentation.” (Boiler Water Treatment Technology Course)

T. Roberts, SUNCOR, Canada

“Excellent course, very practical.“ (Cooling Tower Operations & Chemical Treatment Course)

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